We help people live safe and happy with ninja skills, science and laughter.

Anyone who wants to be safer, happier, or feel more in control of their lives is welcome to explore our LIVE Ninja Safe programs.

The courses, lessons and practices work extremely well for anyone who wants to develop awareness, increase performance, decrease the chance of injury or feels at a disadvantage in a conflict.

Why Ninja Skills, Science and Laughter?

Ninja Skills

In dangerous and chaotic times, with the odds against them, the ninja developed a physical and philosophical system of self-protection that allowed them to not only survive but to live safe and happy.


In order to share the life altering lessons of the ninja and overcome any historical, language or cultural misunderstandings, we turned to science and its process of observation, questioning and experimentation.


If it’s not fun you won’t do it, so we make it fun while laughing...a lot. Science shows that when you're engaged and having a good time, your brain processes and retains information faster and for longer.

Explore the seven aspects of self-protection.

Self-protection is much more than grappling, punching and kicking. In the LIVE Ninja Safe programs, you will explore all aspects of self-protection. The seven aspects are areas of focus based on the level of violence in a situation that are also intricately weaved together to create a single perspective to help you live safe and happy.

Before the violence.

The first of the seven, Self Awareness, is concerned with how you perceive and treat yourself in all aspects of your life. This aspect of self-protection affects how others perceive you and can make you either safer or more at risk.

The second and third aspects, Awareness and Prevention, are about recognizing and understanding danger and how and where it interacts with your everyday life.

As violence occurs.

The last four aspects of self-protection are the ones that are needed and used when violence occurs, it is already happening and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

The fourth aspect, Evasion, does not engage violence directly. It is the ability to avoid an attack while it is occurring. The fifth aspect, Escape, is the ability to free yourself from a violent situation when the attacker is already holding and attempting to control you.

Fighting back.

The last two aspects, Defense and Defeat, are what most people think is self-protection; however, the skills required for these two levels are the most difficult to develop. Defense and defeat are when you actively engage the attacker by using force and skill against them. You are physically fighting your attacker.

Defense is the ability to use force to deter an attacker. The key term in this definition is “deter.” Your actions, whether you are punching and kicking, using pepper spray or any other type of force must be sufficient enough to change the mind of an attacker. This equation can vary greatly depending on the mental outlook of your attacker. That’s why there is one more level of self protection.

The most difficult.

Defeat is the ability to control an attacker when they will not be deterred. It can and usually includes all of the skills used in defense but takes your response to an attack to another level to be able to overcome an attacker and control them.

The skill level necessary to be able to control an attacker in any situation (such as multiple attackers or when weapons are involved, let alone a single attacker) is immense. Not only do you have to contend with the physical and emotional requirements of defending yourself, but you must take into account the legal and moral ramifications of doing so.

What level do you need?

These seven aspects of self-protection are the blueprint for all our products and training programs which are designed to help you learn to live safe and happy.

How far you want to delve into the lessons depends on your life's needs and is completely up to you.

Current Programs Helping You LIVE Ninja Safe

For those who want more we have created training programs that apply the concepts and skills of the ninja to the specific needs of different demographic groups. Take a look at some of the current programs ready to go along with some in development.

LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion

Evasion, escape, and life lessons from the female Ninja of ancient Japan, adapted and delivered with cutting-edge science to meet the needs of modern women.

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Ninja Sports

Ninja movement and awareness skills and lessons to help you increase your performance and decrease the chance of injury so you can experience safe success in your sport.

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The Ninja Brain

Ninja psychology and practices that help you develop  awareness and give you the control to live a life of conscious choice instead of reacting habitually based on what's happened to you in the past.

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Shinobi Science

Where martial arts enthusiasts come together online and in person to use our unique educational training process, scientific experimentation and humor to unlock the hidden magic in martial arts.

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Our names are Theresa Murphy and Dennis Mahoney. We specialize in taking the lessons of ninja martial arts and combining them with modern science to make them easily understandable and customizable to the specific needs of individuals and groups. Which means whatever your circumstances and interests are, we can help you be more aware, safer and happier.

As the owners and instructors at Shinobi Martial Arts, together we have nearly six decades of professional training in the ninja martial arts. We continue to practice and teach the Ninja martial arts at our training dojo in Plaistow, New Hampshire, but we do not expect anyone to just take our word for things. We want you to do the experiments, play the games and test everything for yourself. We're here to help you discover what works for you. You're in charge.